Charlotte NC Customer Will Definitely Buy From Everett Again

by Robert Beene (Charlotte, NC) on May 28, 2011
Salesperson: Rusty Lutz
Department: Sales

More than just a sale.  There were several little problems with my new car and I waited till all of it was addressed before providing feedback so I could be objective to how Everett treated me and be able to discuss what went well and what did not go so well. 

From the day after I bought it, my brand new car was in Service 11 days and even had a problem after being delivered to which they rectified it the same day.  One could say I should have walked away from the deal and the car because who wants to get involved in a brand new car that is right off the delivery truck and has issues immediately?  But this was my first time buying from Everett and I wanted to give Everett a fair chance to show me what kind of service they provide and dealership they are.  I was told by several people at Everett that they will make it right and to be fair - in the end they did. 

As you know, the Total Cost of Ownership of a vehicle is beyond the initial investment of purchasing the car. What really matters is how you're treated when there is a problem with the car and how well it is serviced by the Dealer.  The service department is the mirror of the Dealership's attitude toward customers. A salesman will say just about anything to make the deal and treat you like fine wine, but the service department truly reflects the attitude of the Owner of the dealership. Poor service reflects the attitude "all about the deal and you were crazy for coming here in the first place." Excellent service reflects "I not only want you, but everyone you encounter as a customer for life."

Bottom line, I was told once by a Vice President of my company what the secret of success is. "Say what you will do and do what you say.  You would be surprised how many people/companies do not do that.  Most people do the former, but few do the latter."

Everett Chevrolet is overall doing a good job even though there are areas for improvement related to service in time management, technical training, quality of work, and verifying fix, but overall they did do what they said they would do - make it right. That is what matters - Making it right.

At this time, I would DEFINITELY buy from them again, recommend to others to buy from Everett, and gladly do business with the same salesman, but what will matter in the long run is how the service goes from now till the life of this vehicle.  Because how that is done will impact potential future sales not only by myself but those I tell about how I was treated as an owner of a Chevrolet.

I want to personally thank everyone involved with this car from sales, service and management. Thank you for making it right and for all the work that went into this situation.  And thank you for this car.  I wish you all much continued success.

Our reply

Hi Robert,

We sincerely appreciate your honest feedback. The purpose of this site is for current and future shoppers to learn about our dealership from previous customers. Everett Chevy agrees with the philosophy of "saying what we'll do and doing what we say." It is a rare and unfortunate occurrence for a new vehicle to have any issues. The true testament, as you said, is the service you receive after the purchase. We will always strive to offer the best technical service and customer care possible.

Again, we appreciate your business and look forward to exceeding your service expectations.

Thanks, Dave Everett

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