My GMC Terrain Saved My Life!

by Edwin Williams (Hickory, NC) on January 30, 2012
Salesperson: Neil Parsons
Department: Sales

My name is Edwin Williams, and I purchased a GMC Terrain 2010 from Everett and Neil Parsons about 2 years ago. Everyone at Everett has taken very good care on me and the vehicle since this purchase. This vehicle was probably the best car that I have ever owned, and it truly showed this past Friday. I was involved in a very bad accident on my way to work in Hickory. Please see the attached photos of my car from the accident. I can truly say that this GMC Terrain and the safety features saved my life. To come away from this accident with only fractured ribs, some issues with excess air in my chest cavity and a swollen jaw, I am truly blessed.

I wanted to pass this information onto you, Everett, Neil, Jeff and Steve in service and everyone else involved with Everett to let you know that this car is exceptional and convinced that I would not be here today without the safety features in the Terrain. Thanks.

I guess now we will have to start negotiations on another Terrain from Everett. Let me know all of my options and your best deals and hopefully, I will have a new GMC Terrain 2012 in a week or two.

Please make sure that this testimony reachs the highest levels with GMC on your product. It is a hell of a car, and I am just grateful that I was driving a Terrain when this accident occured. Talk soon.

Edwin Williams

Our reply


Thank you so much for your testimony on this vehicle. I am glad you wanted to share your story with others. We're thankful that you walked away from this and hope that you get well very soon. When you're ready, we would love to help you get a new GMC Terrain!

Thanks, Dave Everett

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